Weight Management Programme

The Lipotrim Weight Management Programme is available from Worldwide Travel Health Clinic.

Further details can be found below or get in touch to get up to date information and pricing. We aim to assist weight loss in a healthy and efficient manner. 

Why not strive to be the best version of you? Contact us today and let your journey begin.

Expect results

Females can expect to lose on average, 1 stone every 4 weeks and males 1.5 stone every 4 weeks.
(Individual weight losses may vary – most will lose this much, some may lose more.)

Healthy weight loss

Our clinician, and highly trained staff,
will help you lose weight quickly, comfortably and healthily.

What you will do

You will be swapping all your conventional foods for those supplied by us at the Clinic (ask us for prices).
These will be in the form of specially formulated, complete nutrition, shakes, soups or bars.
These will keep you healthy as they contain the necessary vitamins, minerals, trace elements and macro-nutrients you require.

Medical conditions

Weight loss is especially useful if you have high blood pressure or suffer from type 2 diabetes.
Our clinicians have the expert knowledge, through extensive training, to advise and treat
many weight influenced medical conditions whilst losing weight.

Lipotrim Really Works

Leave any preconceptions you have on dieting behind.
People who are serious about losing weight and keeping it off should contact us today and find out more.

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Our prices are hugely competitive with no consultation fees.