Lipotrim Programme

Lose a stone in a month!


Lipotrim is developed in the United Kingdom (UK) by qualified nutritionists and experts in weight management. Lipotrim is proven to be a safe and effective way of losing weight at the maximum safe rate. The Lipotrim programme is a total food replacement programme, meaning that the individual stops eating all traditional foods and replaces them with Lipotrim formula foods.


How does it work?

The programme involves using Lipotrim Total Food Replacement formulas in place of your regular meals and weekly visits to your pharmacy to monitor your progress.

Each visit, we will measure your weight, carry out a urine test (where possible) to measure ketones to check your compliance and adequacy of your fluid intake and give you the support and encouragement you need to stick to the programme. You will also be using our visits to pick up your weekly supply of Lipotrim foods.

Once you reach your desired weight or are ready to stop, we will help you switch back to eating ordinary food and introduce you to Lipotrim Maintenance products to help you maintain your new weight.

Total Food Replacement

Lipotrim Total Food Replacement products are low in calories but nutritionally complete, so they will keep you healthy, well-nourished and comfortable while you lose your excess weight.

Different sized products are available for men and women. The range comprises:

  • Drinks – vanilla, strawberry or chocolate (vanilla and chocolate flavours can also be prepared as a mousse instead of a drink!)
  • Chicken soup
  • Flapjacks – coconut or peanut butter flavours (both varieties contain peanuts)
Is it right for me?

To help you decide if Lipotrim is right for you, speak to us today and we will be able to supply you with more information and a video to watch. We can also give you a medical screening form to fill out to check that the programme is suitable for you.

If you have certain medical conditions, you may have to see your GP before joining the programme.

It is essential for you to be committed to the programme. Under certain conditions, you may prefer to try the Lipotrim Maintenance Programme.

How quickly will I lose weight?

If you are serious about losing weight, Lipotrim can help you achieve that, but you will need to follow the programme strictly.

When you follow the programme properly you should be able to lose about a stone a month (women) or a stone and a half (men).

However, if you do not follow the programme strictly and fail to visit us each week, we may ask you to withdraw from the programme and try an alternative approach, such as the Maintenance Programme.

How do I get started?

No more long waiting times or buying products online from sources you do not know of! If you would like to book an appointment or have any questions relating to this service, please call us today on 01204 263040 and talk to one of our dedicated clinicians.

  • Female £45 per week
  • Male £60 per week