Stay Safe When You Travel

Many companies send employees abroad. There are many destinations that require vaccinations and medications against diseases, especially to those which are not common in the UK. To protect your employees, our vastly experienced healthcare professionals are here to help.

The companies we work with send employees abroad on a regular basis. Some of their work include the following:

  • Charity work
  • Religious work
  • Missionary work
  • Movie industry
  • Business meetings
  • Property management

Why choose us?

We tailor travel vaccination programmes for all employees and employers. What separates us from other providers is that, if necessary, we can provide on-site solutions. This means our healthcare professional(s) can visit your company to advise, assess and vaccinate if required. The goal of the onsite clinic is to guarantee your staff can be treated safely and efficiently with minimum time taken out of their working day.

How to Book

3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Call us or email us and speak with someone from our Corporate team
Step 2
We will arrange an initial risk assessment, either on-site or off-site
Step 3
Vaccinations to be administered as appropriate, either on-site or off-site

Our service

For a free risk assessment and expert advice, contact us today and speak with someone from our Corporate team.

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